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On September 1, 2019, ICBC has introduced a new discount rating system which makes quoting premiums online impractical. Discounts are now calculated based on: driving experience, claims history, seniors, and if you are a new resident to the province. There are more discounts available for vehicles with low kilometer and vehicles with advanced safety technology. If you would like a quote please visit any of our convenient offices locations.   Helpful Links |


Mr. Doug H. works five days a week for UBS Courier Services delivering parcels in his own car when he was involved in an accident where he was found at fault. At the time, his insurance was rated for commuting to and from work. The claim was denied by ICBC and Doug had to pay the entire claim which included repairs to his vehicle and repais to the other vehicle involved. What Doug should have done was call ICBC or his local broker and ask if changes were needed for his insurance policy.


An unlicensed vehicle in this case was for sale. A potential purchaser offered to buy the vehicle and gave the owner $2,000 in cash and initialled a receipt that the owner had written up. While the owner was on the phone with the broker getting instructions on filling out the transfer form, the buyer asked for the keys to the car so he could make sure it was running properly. He got in and drove it away. About six hours later, the car was in a crash. The driver was charged with hit-and-run, impaired driving, and with driving without a driver’s license or insurance. The vehicle was impounded. The Claim Centre treated this as an uninsured motorist claim. The vehicle owner provided the documentation to support the story of the sale of the vehicle. The Claims Coverage Committee agreed. The former owner no longer had a legal interest in the vehicle, and was not a party to this loss.


After finishing University, Mr. I. M. Fuzzy moved back in with his parents until he found a job. Over the eleven months since moving back to his parent’s home, he has updated the address of all of his identification except for his car insurance. The incorrect address meant that he did not receive a notice to renew his insurance from ICBC. The policy eventually expired and there was no coverage when he had a claim. The vehicle owner in this case attributes his failure to renew his policy to the lack of renewal notice. If such was sent, he believed he would have renewed it. At the time of the loss, the policy had been expired for over twelve weeks. The Claim Centre felt that the vehicle had to be treated as uninsured. The owner of the vehicle, who immediately renewed the policy on becoming aware of the expiry, felt a grace period should be allowed due to the address error on the policy. ICBC declined the allowance of a grace period.